• Comprehensive planning at your fingertips. Plan your assignments in advance and allocate resources and tasks to the resources.

  • Build exhaustive database of the tasks. Assign criticality to the tasks.

  • Realtime tracking of the progress of assignments.

  • Highly customisable workflow. Define the reviewers for individual assignments.

  • Manage your working papers in the software. Working papers are linked to an assignment.

  • Download pre-formatted report directly from the software in word format.

What you can do on the tool?

Challenges addressed

  • Numerous follow-up calls and meetings to track the progress of assignments.
  • Last minute surprises as reports are received at the fag-end by managers.
  • Challenges faced during discussions with clients due to unorganised working papers.
  • Difficulty in finding relevant information due to scanning through numerous individual files.
  • Difficult to track the versions of the files during and after the audits.
  • Difficult to access previous reports and working papers due to scattered storage of documents.
  • Attrition and rotation of resources leading to inconsistent quality of output and knowledge depletion. High person dependency.
  • And many more…


  • Single software for various kinds of audits and reviews across the organisation
  • Maintain consistent quality and reduce person dependency.
  • Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness of the audits
  • Reduced costs and Increased value addition for the organisation.

Product Roadmap

Email Module

Notifications on the tool through email. Communication with auditees via email.

Time sheet and resource planning

See the calendar of the resources directly in the product. Track timesheets of associates.

Mobile based app

Conduct checklist audits on the mobile. Upload documents from the mobile.

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