Comprehensive Planning at your Fingertips

Create annual plan on the product. Plan your assignments in advance and assign tasks and associates to audits. Never lose focus from your plan.

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Execution and Progress Update

Observations can be noted down online. Managers can get real-time update on the progress of assignments. As work gets done, mark the tasks as completed hence manager can keep tabs on the progress of the completed assignments.

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Build Exhaustive Task List

Never miss your critical and important tasks. Build exhaustive task lists for audits. Bring clarity with respect to scope and work to be carried out with assigned tasks.

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Knowledge Management

The product helps in capturing critical knowledge which comes in handy at the time of execution. Build a formidable knowledge database over a period of time.

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What you can do on the tool?

Is Your Delivery & audit quality suffering?

  • Difficult to ensure thorough and complete execution of assignments
  • Poor visibility throughout the process chain as information resides in pockets
  • Poor efficiency due to time spent for tracking and follow up at multiple stages
  • Collaboration suffers as associates work in silos
  • Loss of knowledge due to attrition impacting quality and delivery

Then Look no further, Benefits / Advantages

  • Better audit Planning. Take charge and improve the effectiveness.
  • Tool-based end to end audit process. Improve overall efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Standardise your entire audit process. Maintain consistent quality and reduce person dependency.
  • Check the progress of the assignment on real time basis. Save time on meetings, follow up and tracking.
  • Product supports multiple players from multiple locations. Improve collaboration and overall efficiency.
  • Create a formidable knowledge database. Train your team on the go.

Product Roadmap

Email Module

Notifications on the tool through email. Communication with auditees via email.

Time sheet and resource planning

See the calendar of the resources directly in the product. Track timesheets of associates.

Mobile based app

Conduct checklist audits on the mobile. Upload documents from the mobile.

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