Create customised templates

Tool provides flexibility to create customised templates for various types of audits and reviews. Create unique templates for various audit and review assignment types. This tool can fulfil different requirements from multiple functions and departments across the organization.

In-built flexibility makes it customisable for most types of audits and/or reviews. Create various templates to cover all the audits and/or reviews including internal controls, ISO, SOX and other risk-based audits.

Comprehensive Planning at your Fingertips

Create annual plan on the product. Plan your assignments in advance and assign tasks and associates to audits. Never lose focus from your plan.

Capture relevant details of assignments. Maintain a living plan since it can be tracked very easily. Useful aid for presentation to audit committee. Schedule the planned assignment as and when required along with assigning tasks to associates.

Build Exhaustive Task List

Never miss your critical and important tasks. Build exhaustive task lists for audits. Bring clarity with respect to scope and work to be carried out with assigned tasks.

Create an exhaustive database of tasks. These tasks can be categorised in various parameters. Conduct risk-based audits. Save time spent on searching and categorising latest checklists. Improve the quality and effectiveness of audits.

Customised Review Workflow

Do online review with customised workflows. The product provides very high level of flexibility since it lets you customise the workflow for assignments. Reduce time and effort spent for constant follow-up calls and meetings. Improve quality and efficiency of audits with timely feedback.

Execution and Progress Update

Observations can be noted down online. Managers can get real-time update on the progress of assignments. As work gets done, mark the tasks as completed hence manager can keep tabs on the progress of the completed assignments.

Take control of audits and avoid last minute surprises and slippages. Improve the timeliness and quality of assignments.


Comprehensive dashboard lets you view and track progress of planned, scheduled and ongoing assignments on real-time basis. Managers can view the percentage completion of work-in-progress assignments. This will help in reducing the delays due to better tracking and improving the efficiency in the assignments.

Working Paper Management

Store all backup documents and working papers in the product. Retrieve all the documents on the click of a button. Categorise back up documents and working papers based on assignments.

Bring all the data and information related to any audit at one place. Save time spent on searching for data and information related to any assignment.

Knowledge Management

The product helps in capturing critical knowledge which comes in handy at the time of execution. Build a formidable knowledge database over a period of time.

There are provisions for various guidance for execution which can be used during assignments. Save time spent on gathering guidance for assignments. Improve quality and effectiveness of assignments.


Capture auditees’ responses for the observations. Pre-formatted reports can be configured. Download pre-formatted, structured and standardised reports with content.

Save time in formatting reports with pre-formatted reports.